Happy 2020! The Owlthena team enjoyed time with our friends and families over the holidays and have some cool stories to share with you as we start the new year together.

But first, we want to thank everyone who followed our lead and supported the 35 not-for-profits we featured throughout the year in our Do Good Spotlight. And special thanks to Mark Brugger, Princeton Nassau Pediatrics, Jennifer Hayoun, and Pat Rodeawald for suggesting organizations to feature. Here’s a list of the organizations that earned a place in the Spotlight in 2019:

As a reminder, we donate to each of the not-for-profits we feature. If there’s a charity or cause that’s near and dear to you, tell us. If we shine our spotlight on it, we’ll donate and give you a shout out too.


 Do Good Spotlight for January 8th

Have you heard about the Gladney Foundation? They connect children ready for adoption with the parents who will give them the love they deserve. But they do a lot more. Gladney also supports children experiencing abuse, kids in foster care, expectant mothers, and parents waiting for a child to call their own. The Gladney University provides adoptive parents with education and support before, during and after their adoption. We heard about Gladney from Kevin Coleman of Wolf Commercial Real Estate. And after learning more, we donated because we agree, they are awesome!


Here are a few stories that caught our attention over the break that we want to share with you:

  • This is a LinkedIn Pulse post from our friend Pinaki Kathiari, CEO of Local Wisdom, a web/app develop company working in the internal communications arena. He talks about the 6 things he does to keep himself productive and focused as he faces the challenges we business owners are all too familiar with.
  • HCM Technology Report published a list of the top stories on human capital management in 2019 and what they mean for 2020. It’s an interesting list. Which story piqued your interest the most?
  • Lynne Goldman wrote this piece about what interview questions not to ask candidates. It’s not your usual list, it’s more about how some of the tried and true interview questions of the past don’t fly in today’s business environment, where today’s job seekers tend to have more power—and choices—than in the past.
  • This post from Forbes Agency Council shares opinions from members about how to present data in interesting ways. While the article talks about data presentation from the agency to client perspective, the tips apply just as well to presenting to customers, investors, internal stakeholders and more.

I hope you found these articles as interesting as we did. Feel free to send us articles to share with other business owners in the Owlthena network, and if you have a charity you’d like to see featured here, share that with us too. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the week and here’s to a great 2020!