Before we get into this week’s topics, we would like to share a recent blog post on how Owlthena is different from traditional executive coaching. This post focuses on the time considerations.

Now to this week’s topics…articles on unleashing the power of the subconscious mind, qualities all leaders must possess, and a quiz to find out if you are a workaholic.


The Power of the Subconscious Mind

When trying to find a solution to a problem, we tend to rely on our conscious mind to find the answers. What many people do not realize is that an effective strategy can be to mobilize the power of their subconscious mind through the use of a specific question. Although this may seem counterintuitive, read here to find out how you can accomplish this:


Microsoft CEO: Essentials Every Leader Must Have

In a recent interview, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella laid out the qualities he believes every great leader shares. Nadella said that successful leaders find a way to work with the reality the world serves up to them and they possess a single-minded determination to be successful.

Read more about the interview here:


Quiz: Are You a Workaholic?

Because business owners are often pulled in a million different directions, they are often perceived to be workaholics. However, being a workaholic isn’t just about clocking long hours in the office or burning the midnight oil on the weekends. Workaholism is an inability to stop obsessing about work, or a compulsion to work when you have agreed to spend your time elsewhere.

Take this quiz and find out if this describes you:


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