There are many times in the life of a business owner when issues arise that cause sleepless nights, endless moments of angst, and just the feeling of being totally overwhelmed by life. Problems with employees, clients, and just the simple day to day operations of a business can be daunting to say the least.

Obviously, if you are a successful business owner you must have done something right. There is a definite benefit, when faced with a challenging issue, to write it down, organize your thoughts on it, or just “speak” it. How wonderful would it be if the paper or the room could talk back to you? Writing it or speaking it may help you organize thoughts, but neither can prompt you to view it from a different perspective or work through different ideas of how a situation can be resolved.

Owlthena is the paper or room that answers you. She can listen objectively and help you work through the situation at hand and, all of a sudden, the light at the end of the tunnel becomes apparent. She is the one-minute clinic of problem resolution. Suddenly the crisis that is overwhelming you becomes a more manageable issue. The frustration you are experiencing is released like air from a balloon about to pop.

Owlthena provides a safe place to say what you really feel without the constraints of being politically
correct or judged. It is an hour of simply clearing your head, with some very valuable feedback
so the intelligent and successful business owner that you are can shine through.