This client requested the information be shared anonymously based on the sensitive nature of the situation…

This was a liberating experience. Being able to spontaneously “spill out my feelings” without any interruption helped me sort through the layers of issues that my conscious and unconscious mind was harboring surrounding this one issue. I did no preparation for my hour.
Unlike other sessions with advisors, I did not have to frame my thinking or justify it. I did not have to persuade anyone. I did not fear criticism or sympathy, or counter-remarks or push-back. I just let all my thoughts speak for themselves. No judgments. Just exploration and one-way sharing.
The result was a sense of getting a handle on my issue and discovering some actionable options for resolving it. A few comments and suggestions from Owlthena’s listener about two thirds of the way through the hour surfaced a few, possible next steps, as well as some attitude and management style changes I could make to avoid the same issue in the future.