My company, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. partners with the world’s leading corporations, ensuring their high potential women, their managers, and their corporate leadership have a unified approach to achieving and exceeding corporate goals through leadership coaching, mentoring, and networking support. I met Niki several years ago through the Women President’s Organization.

Niki asked me to be a beta tester for Owlthena, an innovative approach providing a pathway for business owners to get clarity by guiding them to clearer thinking about an issue or opportunity by creating an environment where they could “talk out loud” without interruption to a seasoned business leader who would, through attentive listening, enable the business owner to work through their thoughts, without interruption, to gain the clarity they need to move forward.

My session was a very interesting experience. I think, like most people, I wasn’t sure how this would work. We’re familiar with coaching and other services where the expert helps you solve the problem, or you hire them to solve it for you. Here, you are encouraged to clear away thinking that may be getting in your way, and with those obstacles removed, seeing the “real” situation becomes much more clear, and taking action, which is what most business owners want to do, becomes much easier.

My session was very helpful, I don’t think I would have gotten to the answer I was seeking as quickly as I did had I not been talking to Niki in our Owlthena session.