Each Owlthena session is $300/hour. This is in line with what business coaches and therapists who schedule multiple, ongoing support services charge, and it’s less resource intensive than peer advisory groups like Vistage, TAB, etc.

We love therapists, coaches, and peer advisory groups—they’re great. Owlthena is great too, just a different service for different needs.

Remember, with Owlthena you have no obligation for subsequent sessions– there is no long-term contract–though of course if you like it and want to schedule more sessions, awesome!

From our FAQ

Q: Can I purchase multiple appointments at a discount?

The business model for Owlthena is to make the sessions as easy to schedule as possible without requiring a commitment for multiple sessions. If after your first session you want to schedule more sessions, we can talk about a discounted plan. This is a new service so let’s experiment together.


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