As business owners, there are various reasons we hire business coaches and consultants. Sometimes we recognize a behavior in ourselves that we want to change, other times we want to change the behaviors of someone on our team. We may even want to change how our entire team handles a particular situation. Very often it’s not about behaviors at all, but about retraining our organization so we can pivot towards an opportunity with new skills.

There are many scenarios where a coach or consultant takes us further faster by leveraging their experiences and expertise on our behalf.

But there are some situations the person with the sign “The Buck Stops Here” on their desk needs to resolve themselves. I’m looking at you, big boss.

Sometimes situations take on a life of their own–in our minds–because there’s no release valve, no clear decision path. They build, they become harder and harder to see around, and then grow and grow until they seem insurmountable. Any attempt by others to help can be agitating because they can’t see what we’re seeing, they don’t understand all the little pieces and nuances that went into creating this beast.

When you’re the business owner, you don’t have the kinds of resources other business leaders have. You don’t typically have a built-in network of colleagues at the company to turn to because, well, you’re their boss. Some issues are so personal or confidential to your company that you don’t want to share them with others in your industry or peer advisory network. And your family members want to help, but they don’t understand the business aspects of the situation you’re wrestling with.

It is exactly these types of situations where Owlthena can help.

Let’s imagine this scenario: three months ago, you hired a super star who now isn’t playing fair with the rest of the team. Established team members are complaining and you know you need to talk to the new person. But you’re not looking forward to the conversation (who would?) and you don’t know them well enough to gauge how they’re going to react. This is when the circular thinking sets in… “What if they get angry?” “What if they quit?” “What if they have counter complaints?” and on and on. Now you’ve painted a situation that most likely looks very different from the reality, your perspective is off, and getting it back seems impossible. You need to get clarity to get back on track. You know you can do this, you just need to sort through what’s probable and what’s unlikely.

If you can relate to this, you can benefit from an Owlthena session. It’s a new way of helping you get to clarity. We set up a 1:1 video chat with Niki Fielding, a seasoned business owner who understands your challenges and is a recognized expert listener. The focus is 100% on you. As you relax and begin to articulate the situation in your own words, you’ll hear your own voice talking out loud (no longer just in your head). Once the challenge is “out there” you hear it and see it differently and with the guidance of the expert listener, you begin to sort through what’s really on your mind.

You listener is skilled in not interrupting your train of thought and is focused on keeping you on the right track with prompts and encouragement. This process yields the clearer thinking you need to get back into action-taking mode.

So, when you find yourself spinning on something that you think can be cleared up if only you could find an hour to think carefully and talk it through, give Owlthena a try. It’s confidential, safe, quiet, and designed to be the conduit to clarity(SM) you need to get back to business.