The short answer is, it’s not really coaching…

But because Owlthena is a brand-new, category-creating resource for business owners, the best way to explain it right now is to call it a type of “coaching.”

While traditional coaching is great for helping us work through and solve business challenges, Owlthena is great for the times a business owner pretty much knows the answer but needs help focusing to gain the clarity needed to take action.

With Owlthena “coaching,” a business owner schedules a one-hour video chat with one of our Owlthena listeners, who are expert listeners and business owners themselves.

The ground rules are set in the first minute and then the session begins. The business owner is encouraged to “just start talking” about the issue or opportunity weighing on their mind and the empathetic listener applies reflective listening techniques, giving 100% attention to the speaker.

The listener asks questions only when needed and doesn’t chime in with advice that would interrupt the speaker’s flow. By allowing the speaker to “get it all out” without interruption, the Owlthena process enables them to hear their own voice articulating the situation. Hearing themselves frame the situation helps them see it more clearly and put them back into action-taking mode.

This conduit to clarity(sm) has been 100% successful for every client to date.

In addition to be dramatically less expensive than traditional coaching ($150 for a single session versus thousands for monthly work and a multi-session commitment), Owlthena is fast.

Below are two timelines. One shows the time and process for hiring a traditional coach, shown in weeks. The other shows what’s involved in using Owlthena–just days.

First, traditional coaching:

Next, Owlthena:

Owlthena is designed for today’s business owners who, because of the nature of their roles, sometimes have issues or opportunities they cannot safely, confidentially, or comfortably talk about with someone else in their company or business network. It’s fast, convenient, confidential, affordable, and it works!

If you want to give our single-session approach a try, please schedule an appointment today.