Simon Sinek is known for getting businesses to articulate their “Why.” Why does the business exist? Not the mission statement, not the values proposition, not the positioning, but Why does it exist, what is its purpose?

So let me tell you about Owlthena’s Why…

As a business leader for the last 30 years, I’ve used many of the resources executives can connect with for the help they need when they need it. Business coaches, peer advisory groups, therapists, consultants, and even friends and family–they all provide inputs that we, as business owners, can apply to our own situations.

I sometimes see the world in diagrams, and over the last 18 months or so I started to see a pattern to the help that was available. It kind of looked like this:

As I thought about all those resources more carefully, I realized each was a way for other people to tell the business owner what they should do: “Try this…” “When I had that problem, this worked for me…” “Oh, my friend has a business, here’s what she did…” and countless variations on that theme. They mostly involved someone telling you what they would do or what they did to solve a similar problem.

In my experience, most business owners are very conscious of the uniqueness of their situation and they would rather solve the problem on their own than apply a solution provided completely by someone else. They want insights from others, yes, but they appreciate the value of discovering and configuring the answers themselves.

In addition to the issue of someone else offering to solve the problem, most professional resources require ongoing commitments of time and money and usually require extensive planning: join this peer advisory group for $20,000 a year and show up for 11 out of 12 meetings or pay a fine; contract with a consultant for six months to get this problem solved; see the therapist your friend told you about who is great at getting to the heart of the matter—knowing you’ll have at least 10 sessions. All of these options have their value…but there was something missing…

Then I started thinking about the hundreds of business owners I’ve helped informally over the years. More often than not, what I provided was attentive and purposeful listening backed by my extensive business experience. I would listen carefully, not interrupt, provide insights if asked, ask questions if I needed to, and really give them the gift of quietness and attention. This particular approach provided them the benefits that come from talking out loud to themselves without the discomfort many experience in doing that. This then paved the way for them to find the answer they already knew, or mostly knew, on their own.

And then, it hit me.

What if I could offer this expert listening service, one business owner to another, on an as-needed basis, to business owners all over the US? What if there was value in me providing uninterrupted attention to someone who just needs to talk to a truly understanding listener to pave the path to clarity and next steps?
Well, it turns out, I can. And now, I have!

  • With the advent of great 1:1 videoconferencing I can “be there” for anyone, face to face and fully focused, without being in the same location.
  • With the power of digital marketing, I can make sure business owners who need me know how to find me and schedule an appointment from any device at any time.
  • And with the rise of our collective awareness of how important it is to be listened to and to hear your own voice speaking your truth to get to the answers you need, the time couldn’t be more perfect for me to launch Owlthena, the expert listening service providing a conduit to claritySM for business owners.

If you’ve got a business issue, challenge, or opportunity that you have found yourself thinking about over and over again without breaking new ground, maybe an Owlthena session can help. I’m ready when you are!