Experts agree that most of us benefit from social support, and business owners are no exception. Many join peer support groups such as Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Vistage, Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), and Ellevate “squads” for the opportunity to share experiences with and learn from other business executives like themselves.

But even with peer support groups, there are times business owners don’t have anyone to talk with.

Think about it for a moment…

For business owners, business is personal.

They don’t have peers in their organizations because everyone is their employee. Even when they get to know others in their peer support organization, they’re not necessarily comfortable talking 1:1 outside of the group for a variety of reasons, including not wanting to risk judgement that might color the business relationship.

And when they do venture to share, frequently the relief they were looking for by getting to just “talk it out” is thwarted by the other person wanting to share too. Talking “to” becomes talking “with” and what they hoped to talk about takes a back seat to conversational courtesies.

Business coaches can be a great solution for business owners, but coaches tend to work with executives on a contracted basis and there are usually specific goals in mind.

What resource does a business owner have for ad hoc issues? Issues that are weighing on their mind that could be resolved if they simply could talk “to” rather than “with” someone who “gets it” for an hour or so, enabling them to clear their mind?

Well, that’s exactly the situation that every business owner can relate to and for which I created Owlthena, the single-session coaching service for business owners.

My team and I have been blown away by the 100% success rate of this new approach!

  • One client called it a spa for his business brain.
  • Another said she was thrilled by how quickly she got from circular thinking to clarity—in just an hour.
  • And a third shared that having someone truly, deeply listening made her feel comfortable really expressing herself. And hearing herself is what moved her to clarity so quickly.

This may be the fastest path to ah-ha a business owner can take.

What makes Owlthena work so well?

  1. Business owners are pressed for time. Owlthena is fast. Just a one-hour video chat session conducted from wherever there is a little privacy and an Internet connection.
  2. There is no long-term engagement. Owlthena is one-time, one-hour commitment. That’s it. (Of course, If you want to use it for a new issue/opportunity, that’s great too.)
  3. At just $150 for a one-hour video chat session, Owlthena is super affordable–even for one-person businesses, freelancers, and consultants, etc.
  4. Owlthena is completely confidential. We don’t record the sessions or take notes during them. The business owner is assured they are in a safe place to talk freely.

If you have questions, check out our FAQ, testimonials, and news briefs.

And if you’re ready to schedule an appointment, one of our expert business listeners is ready to listen.