Podcasts are my go-to productivity booster. I’m grateful to the people who make it easy for me to hear inspirational, educational, thought-provoking perspectives that help me reframe, reset, and keep my energy up for leading my two businesses.

Whether you’ve got your own list of great podcasts (if you do, please share them in the comments field) and you’re looking for a few more, or if you want to be sure the listen is worth investing your time, here are a few podcasts I am enjoying, what I get out of them, and how you may find them of value too.

1. Kelly Stewart (The Positive Business) and Lara Heacock, (business coach specializing in helping people bring compassion to the workplace) co-host Doing (good) Business, a podcast on how to bring your best self to the world of work for many happy returns. The positive energy between these two is contagious. They bring real-world examples from companies on the forefront of the B Corps wave to life each week. A reliably great pick me up for people who want to bring their best selves to work every day.
You can find all the ways to listen here: http://ow.ly/Rlr330nFFgk

2. Debbie Albert (Albert Communications) has a quick take approach to marketing. She invites marketing experts to join her to talk about an aspect of marketing, and then has them Prove It with a case brief. I enjoy Debbie’s interviewing style and the know-how of the guests she invites to join her. Find all the ways to listen here: https://albertcommunications.com/podcast/

3. Oprah Winfrey, Super Soul Sundays. This is the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts. In each episode Oprah talks with someone who has integrated the spiritual/energy aspects of their life into the rest of their human experiences. EVERY episode has great, “Ah ha’s” and I frequently find myself relistening with my iPad at the ready so I can jot notes to myself. There are over 170 episodes so if you’re not sure which one to listen to first, you might like the November 26, 2018 interview with John Mackey talking about Conscious Capital or Daniel H. Pink on November 21, 2018 talking about “the new mind” and skill sets that will become more valuable in the age of AI.
Here’s a link to the podcasts on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/oprahs-supersoul-conversations/id1264843400?mt=2

4. Susan Michel (Glen Eagle Advisors) interviews amazing women on her company’s podcast, Women’s Wealth: The Middle Way. Susan brings in women from all walks of life to talk about how they look at life’s challenges and how they succeed. From Professor Ann Mari May who talks about closing the gender gap in economics, to Pat Gallant-Charette, the oldest woman to swim the English Channel, to Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis, a teacher who protected her students at the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school, Susan’s array of guests are inspirational people who share openly about what makes them extraordinary. You can find this podcast in many places, here’s the link to it on Podbean: https://womenswealth.podbean.com/

5. Adam Connors (Network Wise). Adam is the consummate networker—so much so, he’s built a business around teaching networking skills to others. Like all great networkers, he’s all about the giving. Via Conversations with Connors, Adam chats with business owners, founders, and CEOS, the movers and shakers making it happen who are happy to share what they’re learning as his podcast guests. Listening to these casual conversations with super successful businesspeople is energizing, to say the least. Listen from here: https://www.networkwise.com/podcast

6. Nicole Smith (Room to Read) Happy to Help podcast. Here’s an interesting way of giving back… as if her relentless work on behalf of the global not-for-profit, Room to Read, isn’t enough, Nicole Smith started a radio show/podcast to give a platform to other people to share their passion about the do-good organizations they support. The list at this URL doesn’t give info about the episodes, so pick one at random and take a listen to heartwarming, and inspirational stories that may help you find your next outlet for doing good: http://www.hunterdonchamberradio.com/Radio_Shows/Happy_to_Help/

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