The Fastest Path from Agh!#@! to Ah-Ha!

Experts agree that most of us benefit from social support, and business owners are no exception. Many join peer support groups such as Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Vistage, Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), and Ellevate “squads” for the opportunity to share...

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What Makes Owlthena Different from Coaching?

The short answer is, it’s not really coaching… But because Owlthena is a brand-new, category-creating resource for business owners, the best way to explain it right now is to call it a type of “coaching.” While traditional coaching is great for helping us work through...

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What’s Hot Wednesday June 12, 2019

I hope you’re enjoying the sunshine of the season. I’ve been enjoying long walks and outdoor swimming and I must say, they’re wonderfully refreshing. I hope this week’s What’s Hot Wednesday for Business Owners is equally refreshing. Here you go: Have you considered...

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