It’s been very rewarding launching Owlthena. This all new, category-creating business service was a year in the making before our soft launch in April. We’ve been getting the word out that this new form of executive coaching is now available to business owners—including independent contractors who run their own show–in the US.

We’re so excited by the 100% positive client feedback. I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to everyone who’s helping to make this a success because as a business owner, I know how needed and valuable a resource like this is.

When something is brand new like this, there’s no frame of reference for describing it, and without context, it’s hard for people to understand what it is and how it can help them. Most often, people say, something like, “It’s consulting, right, you give me advice” or “I have a coach, how is this different?”

As we’ve been picking up steam and starting to get noticed, I find myself seeking faster ways to describe what Owlthena is and why it’s so different from traditional coaching.  So far, the thing that seems to resonate best is, “Owlthena is coaxing, not coaching.”

With traditional executive coaching, you are paying an expert to learn about you and your business, listen, and give advice. Engagements are typically for a specified period of time, usually a few months or longer.

With Owlthena, you schedule a one-hour video chat session with a seasoned business owner who understands what you’re conveying without you having to give a lot of background. There’s no ongoing commitment because the types of situations Owlthena helps resolve are those where you’re grappling between options rather than broadly exploring them.

For example, think about the times you found yourself going round and round on something in your head. Or the times you had a challenging employee with multiple options for dealing with them. Or when you had a new client opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of. In each of these scenarios, what you needed most was:

  1. Time carved out to work through the options, out loud, without interruption.
  2. The knowledge that someone who gets it was carefully listening, accepting and acknowledging what you were saying.
  3. The opportunity to talk without interruption so that you can get all your thoughts out so once out, they can be weighed and evaluated.
  4. And the knowledge that what you were sharing would be kept in the strictest of confidence. That trust lets you express what’s on your mind freely, the way you want to say it without having to weigh your words so carefully that you bog down.

And best of all, you get to talk, talk, talk without interruption so that you can clear your mind, get what’s on your mind “out” and start to better examine it with a clearer perspective. The Owlthena sessions are designed to be ad hoc, one-time events: a resource to talk available when you need it. No long-term engagements. We encourage you to keep talking without hesitation or fear of judgement, and it’s that process of hearing yourself anticipate the issues that helps you get unstuck. Having someone attentively listening, someone who truly understands your challenges as a business owner, is what makes the magic happen.

Here are a few snippets from recent clients:

  • Owlthena is great. I don’t have to be polite and make it a conversation, which is odd until you realize it’s okay. It really is all about me. I can talk and talk and get it all out without fear of judgement or needing to stop to explain myself.
  • By simply talking out loud to someone who gets it and doesn’t interrupt my train of thought, I really did get to the perspective I needed to take action. That it took less than an hour was a gift any business owner can appreciate.
  • It’s hard to understand how it works until you go through it. As a business owner you often find yourself without someone to bounce ideas off or help you regain your perspective when you find your thoughts getting circular–especially when the subject is of a sensitive nature (employees, money, big changes). With an Owlthena session, you can see your expert listener is paying attention and “gets it.” That combination is what helped me solve my own dilemma in less than the hour we had scheduled. Wonderful.
  • When Niki does ask questions, it’s just to make sure she’s understanding, and now that I think about it, probably to show you she’s getting it, which is cool too, because by seeing that she got it, I just kept talking and talking. I like that there’s no ongoing commitment. That said, I can see using this from time to time. It was easy, and it worked.
  • Knowing you have an appointment to talk about an issue or an opportunity (I had an issue) is the first step, because it makes you start to focus a bit. I like how we didn’t waste any time with chit chat, we said hello, Niki Fielding (who was my listener), laid out the ground rules and we were off. I realized about 20 minutes or so into the session how great it was to just be able to talk to someone, not having to make polite conversation. And I loved how she didn’t interrupt my train of thought—I think that was probably the best part, because I really did get to dump everything out on the table, so to speak, and once it was “out” I could see it all much better. I would definitely do this again the next time something is on my mind, it worked.

There are other differences between Owlthena and traditional business coaching. In addition to being much more about you talking something out to get clarity, there’s no ongoing commitment–a one-time session (video chat or in person) is all it takes. Owlthena is priced as a one-time service just $150 for the hour, and payable right online.

We’re batting 1,000 so far. Everyone who’s tried it reports a positive experience, which is great. Check out a few of them in our testimonials section.

I love it when an idea comes to fruition and really helps people.

If you’re a business owner or independent consultant, and you have a business issue that’s weighing on your mind, consider setting up an appointment and let’s see if Owlthena can help you too.


Posted by Niki Fielding, Owlthena’s Chief Listening Officer