Podcasts for Business Leaders

Podcasts are my go-to productivity booster. I’m grateful to the people who make it easy for me to hear inspirational, educational, thought-provoking perspectives that help me reframe, reset, and keep my energy up for leading my two businesses. Whether you’ve got your...

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A New Kind of Coaching for the Gig Economy

Traditionally business coaches work with executives and their teams to improve communications, morale, and performance. But what if you’re a business owner with a small team, or no team at all? What if you’re an active participant in the gig economy, managing the...

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What’s Hot Wednesday May 22, 2019

For the business owner in you, here are several stories and ideas to get you through this week: From Aytekin Tank of JotForm, “The New Rule of Effective Leadership” talks about the transition from autocratic management to an approach that meets the four key needs of...

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