You talk, We [Mostly] listen


As a business owner, you know the unique pressures of being in charge 24/7. Our expert listeners do too! And while there are lots of resources to help you solve problems, sometimes the best first step is to find someone who understands who will let you talk it out. And that’s where Owlthena comes in.

Owlthena is a brand-new form of business coaching, designed with the needs of today’s business owners in mind. It’s like a spa for your business brain.

Fast: 1 hour
Convenient: Video chat from anywhere in the US
Proven: 100% successful in helping business owners gain the clarity they need to move forward

There’s no multi-session contract or commitment

Your single-session appointment is via the video conferencing app of your choice or Zoom.


Your session is completely confidential

We’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement so you know you can talk about almost anything you want.

100% Guaranteed Focus for every client

Videoconferencing means the focus is 100% on you—no distractions, no multi-tasking, no interruptions. Appealing, right?

What people are saying

Here’s what business owners across the US are saying about their Owlthena experience:

Great Way to Re-frame

Niki’s compassion, wisdom and deep experience in building and growing a business made the Owlthena session a game changer for… Read more “Great Way to Re-frame”

Judy Berman
Protege Executive Coaching & Consulting
Really Valuable

My Owlthena session was great. I like that the session is designed to let a business owner, like me, work… Read more “Really Valuable”

Mary Conley Eggert
Global Water Works
Interesting stuff

Our session gave me some interesting stuff to consider. It’s like cleaning the garage, the first thing you have to… Read more “Interesting stuff”

Mike Keeler
A safe space to talk

What I love about Niki’s program is that it’s not a conversation. Rather, it’s a safe space to talk and… Read more “A safe space to talk”

Peter Sacco
PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc.
Breath of Fresh Air

I had met Niki through WPO (Women Presidents Organization) and when she announced her new “Owlthena” platform to give business… Read more “Breath of Fresh Air”

Caroline Shelly
HF Planners, LLC
Priceless Conversation

I am an entrepreneur getting ready to launch a line of home and garden products. I kept slamming into some… Read more “Priceless Conversation”

Erica Kotite
Shed Ventures LLC
Innovative Approach

Hughes was one of DBE’s first clients many years ago, so when Niki Fielding reconnected to tell me she was… Read more “Innovative Approach”

Neal Magaziner
Hughes Enterprises, Inc.
Very Helpful

My company, WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. partners with the world’s leading corporations, ensuring their high potential women, their managers, and their… Read more “Very Helpful”

Dr. Rosina Racioppi
WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.
Clinic of Resolution

There are many times in the life of a business owner when issues arise that cause sleepless nights, endless moments… Read more “Clinic of Resolution”

Louise McKeown
Camp Bow Wow (2 franchises)
Liberating Experience

This client requested the information be shared anonymously based on the sensitive nature of the situation… This was a liberating… Read more “Liberating Experience”




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